Frequently asked questions from our customers

Q) Customization is mandatory ?
No, it can be added by selecting the item “I would like to Customize the Product” at no additional cost except for price variations indicated at the time of configuration.

Q) Are all the products in the store customizable?
Yes all products can be customized as required.

Q) What kind of customization can be requested ?
Customization can vary from simple initials to embroidery of designs and logos.

Q) How is customization done?
Each product, where required, will be customised to DIRECT EMBROIDERY.

Q) Once you configure the product, how many days pass before you receive it?
The shipment of the product is managed between 3/5 working days except for special cases or force majeure for restocking or even withdrawal of the freight forwarder.

Q) Ordered a custom product, if I don’t like it as much as I do?
Once you have purchased the customized product if you comply with the request described at the time of ordering you will not be able to return the details in the terms and conditions of sale.

Q) Can the shipment be traced ?
Yes all our shipments are traceable with unique delivery code.

Q) Is there a warranty on the products ?
No, there is no warranty on wear and tear products, being of daily use we cannot guarantee the correct use by the customer himself.

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